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March 10, 2008


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Hidden treasures spotlight

Mon Mar 10, 2008, 9:55 AM

Gilad's Journal

Hi there,
First, I want to share with all of you the new home site of a great member in our DA community. Check out for the Roie Galitz (RoieG) for his gallery, but even better - for a lot of articles on photography, aimed to make it as simple as it gets for beginners. It's great!

Now, I invite you to take a look with me, at 10 of my favorites Under my weekly spotlight

Gilad's Journal

Freedom is such a great title for this one. The sense of open beach, hint of clouds reflection, running through the air... this transfers the feeling like a painter's brish, like a poet's lyrics. Very moving to sea work as simple, and yet brilliant, as that.

Total views up to now: 170
Total Favorites up to now: 27

Gilad's Journal
Projections II. by meandthesun

What a great frame this is. Sexy, and yet only suggestive.
When you hear someone refers to "ARTISTIC NUDE", think of this one.

Total views up to now: 219
Total Favorites up to now: 29

Gilad's Journal
Breathe by TazGold

I don't know about you, but I can simply hear this picture. Tes, hear... with my ears. A distinct sound. Amazing.

Total views up to now: 230
Total Favorites up to now: 39

Gilad's Journal
Light-Shadow by LuceAnima

Perfect graphics in a beautiful abstract frame. I love how clean and crisp it is.

Total views up to now: 121
Total Favorites up to now: 16

Gilad's Journal
The Floyds by BlackDogBarnyard

How cute is that?

Total views up to now: 182
Total Favorites up to now: 23

Gilad's Journal
playing... by pace067

Parallel World in Infra red. The strange colors add so much surreal to this already great frame. Usually I'm not a big fan of how people urn out in IR, but this one showed me I should open up to new options.

Total views up to now: 442
Total Favorites up to now: 55

Gilad's Journal
Police Funk by emrerende

Great street shot. Good portrait with a twist. I just love this scene. It shows the street while "looking it in the eyes".

Total views up to now: 366
Total Favorites up to now: 30

Gilad's Journal

Great expression coming through this.
The falling snow, the silhouette, the distent city, the dramatic B&W. Bravo!

Total views up to now: 373
Total Favorites up to now: 50

Gilad's Journal

I just love running through the thoughts of the photographer in this scene. "Wow.. I wish they wouldn't move... I'm so lucky... The colors... They are all looking away... I'm so lucky... I am king of the world!"
Do you know what I mean?

Total views up to now: 131
Total Favorites up to now: 32

Gilad's Journal
Bouquet de nerfs 1 by edredon

Wonderful artistic frame. Minimalism and class. The B&W fits so well. Brilliant.

Total views up to now: 760
Total Favorites up to now: 181

Gilad's Journal
:thumb72633238:   rainbow vii by PatriciaD   :thumb79312281:
:thumb73605994:   If a Tree... by Violet-Kleinert   Young Stray II by ochenta
Stray . by Peach-chelle   Malbork Korytarz by smiertelny   32 by hakancaydasi

Pride and prejudice by Kleemass   Wet + Disgruntled Kitty by substar   And Then I Understood by MartinStranka

:thumb75012612:   Run scattered by imo518   nohakpeace by alefrarte
Urban Shell by paikan07   Easy kitty by Caoshica   Fire Starter by Photosbykev

It's amazing to see how much beauty and quality is passed un-noticed here in all one week. I hope that more great work will get noticed here. It's up to us. Use the comments favorites power to support the un-noticed.

Keep supporting!


Gilad's Journal

About Me:

1. All the Info you can probably get on me; The BTL with G

2. Special Interview - An Eye On The World

3. Where you can see the project "A Different Look At Israel"

4. My flickr

5. 4 years for me In DA


Tutorials & Tips:

1. Infra Red

2. Composition

3. Working with light

4. Shooting indoors

5. Recommended filters

6. Using the build in flash

7. Copyrights

8. Making money in photography

9. Exposure tips

10. Shooting RAW or JPEG?

11. Dust on your sensor?

12. Getting inspired for photography

13. Finding your style in photography


General thoughts:

1. Art is all about expression

2. About Photography, and Israel too

3. DA Thoughts

4. About freedom of speech and ethics

5. When does photography become manipulation?

6. A Light unto the Nations

7. How important is Expression in Art?

8. Questions of popularity

9. love Israel from the first Shalom

10. DA art book?

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Bebecca Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Beautiful selection!!

jinx-black Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2008
I agree greatly with what you said about "Projections II," being "artistic nude." too much is posted on here that is labeled as such but is closer to smut.
ArtlessHmmmm Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2008
Great choices! again i enjoys your 10...
SharinganBattousai Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008   Photographer
Thanks for the selection!

pinkblue Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
nice features..
gilad Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008  Professional Photographer
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Thanks for featuring my website :hug:
you also featured wonderful photos, as usual
gilad Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2008  Professional Photographer
Having fun?
MizuDeMoyashi Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2008
YES! i found the tutorials for making shots! Thank you Gilad! =D
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